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Meet the women
Reimagining Waste.

At Brightmark, we know it takes great people to deliver outstanding results and create lasting change.

We’re proud to have a diverse business ecosystem full of influential female engineers, entrepreneurs, executives, and everything in between, helping us create a world without waste.

Dajah Massey Headshot

Dajah V. Massey:
Senior Director of Environmental Markets

“I’m honored to be able to work toward global sustainability professionally and contribute to moving society forward whilst being at the forefront of innovation. It has been even more impactful to do so working alongside an amazingly diverse group of women. As I pave the way for future generations, my goal is to inspire and show young ladies who look like me that they can succeed and explore emerging industries that will positively impact our planet. The possibilities are truly limitless.”


Catriona MacGregor:
Associate Engineer

“I love working with such a diverse group of people that are just as determined to see change happen in the industry. Specifically, as a female engineer, I feel so lucky to work with so many intelligent and empowering women every day. I hope the number of females in strong roles, creating an impact on the world, continues to rise and inspire future generations.”

Feven Atnafu headshot

Feven Atnafu:
Office Assistant

“It’s important for women to learn and teach other women about their environment. I love working at Brightmark because I love to learn new things about the environment and sustainability.” 

Cassidy Manning scaled

Cassidy Manning:
Chemical Engineer

“My personal goal has always been to do meaningful work and to enjoy the people that I do it with. At Brightmark, I can pursue these goals directly with a company that provides a stimulating workplace and actively makes a difference in the world.”

Kavitha Ramakrishnan headshot

Kavitha Ramakrishnan:
Vice President of Origination

“I have valued the support of my female colleagues at Brightmark, who have provided me with guidance, companionship, and mentorship. As a mother of two kids, I want to preserve our great earth for future generations, and being part of an industry that is working towards solutions that mitigate climate change is something I am extremely proud of.”

Laura Strong BW Headshot

Laura Strong:
Production Group Leader – FUS

“Brightmark is truly a place that tests your potential and works to help you succeed. Being a woman in the STEM field can be challenging, but Brightmark continues to support the women who work here in their development and careers.”

Chrystal Boone headshot

Chrystal Boone:
Chief Marketing Officer

“I love working in an industry that cares about the environment. It’s great to see so many talented and professional women who put others first and work to create a world without waste. I also love working in an office that is sustainably built—it truly showcases Brightmark’s commitment to practice what we preach.”

Lizzi Bradley Headshot

Lizzi Bradley:
Director of Design

“Nature is sometimes the best inspiration for creating impactful designs. As a passionate designer, I love using my skill set to help a company like Brightmark protect the environment and nature, which inspires some of my designs.”

Esther Steffen headshot

Esther Steffen:
Finance Controller

“As a woman of Brightmark, I love the fact that I’m a part of something so world-changing that will help save our world’s lands, oceans, and sea life. It’s great to have so many powerful, strong, intelligent women working together for the same cause. We empower each other and grow from the diverse knowledge we bring to Reimaging Waste!”

Priya Headshot BW

Priya Cheema: Controller

“Being part of Brightmark with a mission of driving towards sustainable & environmental solutions is not only exciting to be part of, but a necessity to preserve our world. I believe everyone should feel encouraged to have a voice and opportunities to grow —which is why diversity in ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives is critical in any workplace. We need to ensure the women we work with are heard and supported.”

Liz Mugho Headshot

Liz Mugho: Marketing Intern

“Women have always been the backbone of social movements. I believe that working together can help bring sweeping changes to the earth’s current trajectory with an air of compassion, diverse perspective, and solidarity. At Brightmark, I believe that I can create work that is meaningful and important while being surrounded by other passionate, creative women who share the same goals for sustainability as me.”

Aimee Clark headshot

Aimee Clark: Office Manager

“Working at Brightmark allows me to align my professional career with my personal goals. The amount of plastic waste going into landfills and the ocean is disheartening. I want to provide a cleaner environment for my daughter and future generations.”

Candace Rutherford headshot

Candace Rutherford: Feedstock Manager

“I have always been tuned into nature, as I grew up in rural Indiana on family land. I could pick fresh food such as tomatoes, blackberries, and persimmons at will. After college, I worked in business development for an engineering firm focused on cleaning up asbestos and other contaminants from our environment. I am proud now to see so many women in an industry that truly makes a difference to our world.”

Lindsey Kugler

Lindsey Kugler: SEO Manager

“Women bring a unique perspective and skillset. We’re underrepresented in many fields, including sustainability. I love working with Brightmark to utilize the power of inclusion in a unique way. Our approach to SEO and our digital footprint is different than any other I’ve seen. While we love the results, we can also be proud that we’re working toward diversity and a brighter world online and offline.”

Nicole Whitelaw Professional Headshot

Nicole Whitelaw:
Accounts Payable Supervisor

“Working at Brightmark has truly shown me what it means to Empower Your People. Supporting female leadership within the company and throughout the industry is just one part of what makes working here wonderful. Seeing what we do and how we act and react as a company, inspiring others to follow suit pushes me to continue with the work I am doing.”

Chloe Zimmerman Headshot

Chloe Zimmerman: Marketing Intern

“Working at Brightmark has given me the opportunity to work with a group of amazing women who uphold the strongest values to put our planet first. My love for nature has inspired me to take steps towards preserving it and teaching others how to do the same, and Brightmark allows me to do just that. I feel supported every day by this team, and I look up to the way they apply their creativity, passion, and drive to everything they do.”

Headshot of Tina Walters

Tina Walters:
Plastics HR Director

“One of the things I love about working at Brightmark is that I am not only helping with our mission to create a world without waste, but I am allowed the privilege of helping others to know themselves better and to embrace and maximize their natural talents truly, and all the while I am strengthening our team, company, and culture.”

Schuyler Cornell

Schuyler Cornell:
Senior Manager, Development

“I am grateful to have a team of supportive and diverse leaders at Brightmark to look up to. It makes for a work environment where we’re consistently learning and growing. It’s amazing seeing our hard work come to life in these projects.”

Gracy Dondida headshot

Gracy Donida:
Director, HR Operations

“I have been fortunate enough to work with such inspirational and amazing women throughout my career, including at Brightmark. Here at Brightmark, I’m given the opportunity to truly make an impact—and I get to do it alongside such empowering women who are passionate about saving our planet.”

Christine Ramos headshot

Christine Ramos:
Accounts Payable Specialist

“I have always been and continue to be curious about what it means to go green and practice sustainability. Working at Brightmark allows me the opportunity to learn something new every day and to contribute to the bigger picture, our Mother Earth.  I am proud to work with such a passionate team that strives to make the planet a better place to live for our future generations.”

Jamie Nolan

Jamie Nolan:
Communications Specialist

“The strongest organizations bring diverse voices to the table to maximize impact, and Brightmark does just that. Between the company’s unique mission, supportive culture, commitment to sustainability, and talented staff, I’m grateful to be a member of this team.”

Kendal Powell headshot

Kendal Powell:
Marketing Specialist

“I think women must work in the sustainability industry because they offer a unique perspective to solving complex problems and exude great determination to solve issues that affect all of humanity. I am proud that Brightmark supports females of all ages in pursuing their career aspirations—allowing us to follow a path that we’re passionate about.” 

Our women have helped us offset
tons of CO₂eq through our RNG projects
Our women have helped us recycle
pounds of plastic waste

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