Letter from the CEO

Reimagining Waste
from the top down.

A letter from our head changemaker.


Bob’s monthly letters share his recent experiences, current thoughts, and ways we create a world without waste.

He hopes to leave this world better than he found it and create a brighter tomorrow for future generations. Bob encourages you to join us—there’s not a day to waste.

A message from Bob

Reimagining Waste is more than a mission; it’s our way of life. I’m so grateful for the gang here at Brightmark and all they’re doing to create a world without waste. We are achieving fully circular solutions that tackle some of the world’s biggest waste challenges. I gladly welcome you to join us as we Reimagine Waste.

Bob Powell
Founder and CEO

CEO Bob Powell in aquarium with scuba diver

Letter(s) from the CEO

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Our mission is more than a mantra—it’s a way of life. We are a company filled with eco-conscious leaders and business professionals who put the environment first in everything we do. Join us as we Reimagine Waste.

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