Unwaste food waste with Brightmark

Brightmark is looking to grow its portfolio of circularity centers by developing, building, owning, and operating organics projects.

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Over 54 million tons of food is wasted annually in the U.S.* Food waste globally accounts for approximately 8% of greenhouse gas emissions.** We want to change that.

Turning organic waste into new products

Brightmark’s Circularity Centers™ capture greenhouse gas emissions through anaerobic digestion and convert them into new, useable products. Our projects create value from waste by generating renewable products, reducing CO2 equivalencies, and diverting waste from landfills and waterways.

Step 1: Divert

We will divert organic waste from landfills into our circularity centers, where it is prepared for anaerobic digestion.



Food Waste apple
Step 2: Digest

Organics are broken down into nutrients that can be repurposed. During this process, biogas forms naturally and is captured.

Digester extracting methane
Step 3: Distribute

We extract the methane from captured biogas, then upgrade it into renewable natural gas that is distributed to the pipeline where it can be used for heat and power.

Cafe using RNG
Step 4: Re-use

We convert the remaining solids into fertilizer or compost. The leftover liquids are either used for land application at area farms or are treated at a local wastewater treatment plant.

Apple tree growing

Purposeful partnerships

We are seeking companies and individuals to join us on our journey to Reimagine Waste. These include:

– Haulers
– Corporations
– Municipalities
– Materials recovery facilities (MRFs)
– Other generators of organic waste

Picking Vegetables in Field

Unwaste food waste with Brightmark.

            Environmental Benefits

            RNG Landfill Gas Black


            Converting food waste into new products captures methane that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere and displaces sources of carbon-intensive fossil fuels.
            RNG Lowering CO2 Emissions Black


            Our projects typically have a carbon intensity (CI) score of -100gC02/Mje to +25gC02/Mje, which is significantly lower than fossil natural gas projects at +81gC02/Mje.***
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            We can help companies reach their environmental goals by unlocking the value of organic waste—converting it into new products for reuse and diverting it from landfills and incinerators.

            Creating a world without
            waste with Pilgrim’s

            The Sumter Circularity Center in Sumter, South Carolina, uses methane biogas generated by customer Pilgrim Pride’s poultry processing facility to produce electricity and hot water—enough to power 500 – 700 households.

            Man Smiling in South Carolina


            Dive deeper into the world of anaerobic digestion.

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            **Project Drawdown. Solutions. Reduced food waste.
            ***CARB Certified Fuel Pathways

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