The Waste Hierarchy

What's with waste?
Understanding the waste hierarchy.

We get it; understanding waste and the waste streams can be confusing, which is why we’d like to introduce the waste hierarchy.



Waste Heirarchy2

The waste hierarchy pyramid

The waste management hierarchy is a framework designed to guide and rank waste management decisions for businesses, organizations, and individuals—helping us rethink our relationship with waste based on what’s best for the environment. This is often illustrated as an inverted pyramid.

Brightmark’s solution diverts plastics from the environment, incinerators, and landfills, then recaptures the valuable resources in this waste and keeps it in the circular economy.

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Simple ways to reduce waste

We're all part of the solution.

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The most simple tactic for reducing waste is consuming less. Find areas where you can cut back and ask, "do I need this?" before buying.
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Lean into reusing as many items as possible—cutting down on the need to produce more products, which generates less waste ending up in landfills and the environment.
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Research what materials can be fully recycled, and find local recycling facilities in your area. With plastic waste specifically, make sure it's rinsed and sorted.
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When buying products and services, look for companies focusing on sustainability. See if they are "B Corp Certified" or have other environmental verifications.
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Research is essential—especially with the internet at our fingertips. Do your best research when buying products and supporting initiatives.
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Our stance
on plastic waste.

Brightmark believes that other policies, practices, and technologies are needed to address plastic pollution, including restrictions on single-use plastics and increased funding for recycling efforts, but advanced recycling technologies can play a vital role in the waste hierarchy in managing plastic waste.

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