Top 5 Sustainability Social Media Influencers to Follow

by Brightmark February 10th, 2022

Authored by Esther Cho

Social media has grown to be a primary resource for finding information about current events, celebrity gossip, and staying up to date on trends. Since there are so many social media platforms and how large each platform is, it can be easy to get lost in a sea of so much information. However, to make navigating social media just a little bit easier, here are five sustainable social media influencers and why you should give them a follow!


Tara Mckenna (@zero.waste.collective)

Tara Mckenna, founder of The Zero Waste Collective and author of Don’t Be Trashy: A Practical Guide to Living with Less Waste and More Joy, began her low waste journey in early 2017 and has since shared her eco-friendly journey on Instagram. Her most significant focus is our global trash problem, but she attacks this huge giant by having a positive mindset and picking up one piece of trash at a time.


Valeria Hinojosa (@waterthruskin)

“Taking daily actions that transform habits into earth-friendly rituals” – Valeria Hinojosa. Valeria Hinojosa is a vegan, yogi, entrepreneur, adventure-seeker, and Earth-lover. Her blog, “WaterThruSkin,” gives inspirational life tips on being eco-friendly and having a more positive outlook on life. She is a strong Latina woman who is most definitely worth a follow!


Rachael Johnston (@plantedinthewoods)

Many people associate low-waste living as a lifestyle with little to no flavor, but Rachael Johnston provides beautiful recipes for absolutely delicious meals! She has all sorts of low-waste living hacks, from fun recipes to easy, low-waste activities for children!


Jenny Welbourne (@wearilive)

Based in New York, Jenny Welbourn is a fashion blogger who promotes more sustainable fashion choices. She posts very fashionable, chic looks on her Instagram and has a Youtube channel about her everyday life!


Kate Nelson (@plasticfreemermaid)

Known for her zero-waste advocacy and plastic-free lifestyle, author of “I Quit Plastics,” Kate Nelson provides a helpful guide to living a plastic-free life. Her book is jam-packed with eco-friendly tips on cleaning, cooking, and even shopping plastic-free!

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Sustainability tip: Social media use for 1/hr a day X a year = 220k grams of CO2—lessen your social media use.
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