Planting the Seeds of Growth

March 15th, 2023
Reading time: 2 minutes

Women have always inspired me. In particular, my late grandmother Rie, which is short for Marie. She is a woman that still inspires me to this day. As I’ve written in previous letters, Rie was a critical influence in my life. Creating a world without waste may not have been the path I set out on without her influence. She instilled in me a genuine love and appreciation for the environment—something I’ve carried with me throughout my life. Watching her tend to her garden while explaining how pesticides can be damaging was pivotal for me. I believe it set me on a path to finding ways to promote and protect the environment.

Fast forward decades later, Brightmark was founded. Our mission to Reimagine Waste could not be achieved without the incredible women at Brightmark. Each of them works day in and day out to help us create a world without waste.

Thank you, women everywhere, for all your work, both noticed and unnoticed. And thank you, Rie, for instilling a love for something bigger than myself. You helped me plant the seeds to prioritize environmental stewardship and create a world without waste.

In honor of great women everywhere,
Bob Powell

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