Middle school students turn trash into treasure while cleaning Hollywood beaches

March 29th, 2022
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March 29, 2022

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – 60 students from New River Middle School hit the beach in Hollywood picking up things along the shoreline that we know don’t belong there.

The hands-on activity and the fun-filled lesson is a collaboration between Brightmark, a global waste management company on a mission to “reimagine waste” and the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation.

“It’s really important to take these kinds of experiences out of the classroom and use this amazing outdoor classroom,” Jessica Harvey said.

This event will give students the opportunity to clean up the beaches and talk about why this is important as well as create pieces of art from the trash they pick up.

“Kids are going to be learning about the impact we have on the oceans with things like microplastics, Brightmark CEO, Bob Powell said.

Harvey says using this creative process which is used for critical thinking will allow the students to be a part of the solution for the environment.

“It’s incredibly important that our next generation learns about the environmental impacts we’re having on the ocean because they’re really the future and if we can get them excited about the solutions to what we have going on with things like microplastics we know the future is going to be great,” Powell said.

The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation and Brightmark are hoping to make this a nationwide initiative.

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