Join the Brightmark Challenge

by Brightmark January 15th, 2021

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”
– Albert Einstein  

Hello again readers,

The new year is here, and I’m sure you share in my hope that some of the challenges facing America and the world come to resolution in 2021. If there’s anything we’ve learned in the past year, it’s that we can’t take our time on Earth for granted. Every passing moment is another chance to turn things around, even in the smallest way. This year, I encourage you to think of something you’ve perhaps been scared to try, and do it. Be bold. Be brave.

Sometimes when we take risks, things don’t go according to plan. Even if your risk-taking ends up in a mistake, there are always lessons to take away from every failure. At Brightmark, risks — and their resulting mistakes — are encouraged. Bold thinking and actions require courage, and if we want to solve big problems like climate change and the global waste epidemic, we must embrace new ways of thinking. Our team’s philosophy is that a mistake made in the process of change is simply another step toward a solution. Congratulations — you’ve ruled out a path. What’s next?

When you adopt this approach to making mistakes, it offers you the freedom of ambitious thinking and goal-setting. Brightmark’s goal to create a world without waste is undoubtedly ambitious. Specifically, we aim to:

  • Offset 22 million metric tons of CO2 by 2024 with our Renewable Natural Gas projects
  • Divert 8.4 million metric tons of plastic waste from landfills or the environment by 2024
  • Use that plastic waste to produce 1.7 million tons of feedstocks necessary to remake plastics and create a truly circular process

I look forward to the mistakes and the rewards along the way, and I hope you’ll join us. In fact, we’ve just created a new way for you to #MakeYourMark and join the cause: The Brightmark Challenge. The challenge is a yearlong call for everyone to reduce their waste — with mini-challenges, resources, and events to help you, your family, and your business learn about waste solutions, recycling, and renewable resources.

Make your mark and take The Brightmark Challenge: you’ll help make a brighter future for us all. And don’t be afraid to make mistakes along the way. We’re here to cheer you on.

All my best,