It’s Coming Full Circle 

January 22nd, 2024
Reading time: 2 minutes

“Life is a circle. The end of one journey is just the beginning of the next.”

— Joseph M. Marshall III

As the new year begins, I feel a sense of optimism and excitement for what’s to come in 2024—various milestones set by Brightmark are coming to fruition. This hasn’t come without its fair share of challenges we’ve overcome. As we look ahead, I see us continue to get closer to creating a world without waste, thanks to the unwavering dedication of our team! 

The gang’s work continues to become more tangible as we progress. I cannot wait for the world to see the true impact of circular innovations. 

Our circularity centers in the renewable natural gas sector continue to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (currently reducing over 800,000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalents and counting), and more of these projects will come online this year. Furthermore, our Plastics Renewal® technology continues to make a mark in diverting plastic waste from landfills, incinerators, and the natural environment. 

Outside of Brightmark’s work, there are many reasons to be optimistic for 2024 and beyond. Humanity continues to evolve and find ways to lessen its impact on the environment and restore the natural world.

As this year begins, don’t lose sight of what matters—family, friends, community, and connection. We’ve seen how much we can accomplish when we work together and support one another, and I believe that spirit of collaboration will continue to be a driving force in 2024.

I’m optimistic about the year ahead and know that Brightmark will continue to fulfill its mission to Reimagine Waste with resilience, creativity, and determination. 

I’m excited for a new year filled with hope, possibility, and the joy of creating a world without waste.

Here’s to coming full circle,
Bob Powell

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