INC-4: Working Together to Address Plastic Pollution

April 19th, 2024
Reading time: 3 minutes

At Brightmark, we envision a world where everyone Reimagines Waste and the upcoming Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (INC-4)  is taking a critical step toward that future.

Plastic pollution is a global issue demanding a global solution, and no single nation, company, or organization can tackle it alone. The fourth session of the INC-4 presents a critical opportunity to come together and draft a unified response to address plastic pollution. A globally binding agreement should focus on creating robust waste management systems with advanced recycling technologies, promoting responsible plastic production and consumption tailored to each country’s needs, and embracing technological advancements to tackle hard-to-recycle plastics and scale up circular solutions.

Solving plastic pollution requires innovative, circular solutions that are accessible and adaptable. Developed nations must support developing countries working to transition toward a circular plastics economy—providing equitable access to technologies and financial support globally.

The need to address environmental pollution transcends borders, and tackling pollution from plastic waste is part of the equation. That’s why a collaborative approach is necessary to minimize the impact of plastic waste. All stakeholders—from governments and businesses to non-governmental organizations and individuals—have to work together, and the INC-4 provides a platform to share diverse perspectives.

Ultimately, the health of the planet and all its inhabitants must be at the forefront. By creating initiatives and policies to change how waste is viewed, managed, and used as a resource in the circular economy, the INC-4 can aid in making significant progress for the future of circular innovations and the technologies needed to create a brighter future for all.

It takes everyone to create a world without waste, and the INC-4 is helping make that a reality.

With high hopes for a brighter future,
Bob Powell

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