Brightmark Partners with Country Meadow Elementary in Ashley, Indiana, to create a world without waste

June 4th, 2024
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Students divert nearly 3,000 pounds of plastic waste from landfills and the environment during first year of recycling program

Ashley, Ind. Brightmark LLC, a circular innovations company with a mission to Reimagine Waste®, has teamed up with Country Meadow Elementary School in Ashley, Indiana to develop a first-of-its-kind recycling program to educate students about recycling while diverting plastic waste from landfills.

The recycling program, which started in September 2023, has already recycled nearly 3,000 pounds of plastic. Together, Brightmark and Country Meadow Elementary share a goal of diverting 4,000 pounds of plastics from landfills this school year while educating the next generation of environmental changemakers. 

“As a dedicated member of the communities we serve, Brightmark looks forward to continually and consistently showing up for the town of Ashley through engagement programs like this,” said Bob Powell, Founder and CEO of Brightmark. “We hope this story inspires other school districts to build their own recycling programs so together we can create a world without waste.”

The program appoints students from each grade as the “Recycling Ambassador”, tasked with ensuring recycling rules are followed as waste is deposited in special Brightmark recycling bins—coined as the “Brightmark Bin™”. These ambassadors then help to tally the pounds of plastic waste being recycled. The circularity center will use Brightmark’s patented Plastics Renewal® technology to convert mixed plastic types 1 through 7 into new, circular products.

 “I am thrilled to collaborate with Brightmark on our plastics recycling program,” said Jane Bitting, Principal of Country Meadow Elementary. “This program is educating our students on sustainability and innovation and empowering our community to make a tangible difference in the world. Together, we are not only addressing environmental challenges but also fostering a culture of responsible stewardship for future generations.”

Participants in the fun and impactful program are encouraged to become excited about the benefits of prioritizing recycling within their daily actions.

“I love helping out our Earth, it’s such a great feeling to know my students and I are making a difference,” said Heather Ford, Kindergarten Teacher at Country Meadow Elementary. “We have also started recycling plastics at home. It is amazing how much plastic we actually have. It has cut our trash almost in half. I love that we are doing this! Thank you so much Brightmark!!!”

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