5 Year Impact Report

December 21st, 2021
Reading time: 1 minutes

The Brightmark editorial team focuses on providing insightful and valuable information to impact the planet positively and create a world without waste. Learn more about our methodology here.

Welcome to our 5 Year Impact Report. Our goal to Reimagine Waste is more than a mission—it’s a way of life. As 2021 marks our fifth anniversary, we’re proud and grateful to showcase our first-ever impact report—highlighting all we’re doing at Brightmark to create a world without waste.


Within this report, you’ll learn: 

  • Our goals for 2025
  • The power of partnerships
  • Notable news and milestones
  • A message from our CEO and Headchangemaker, Bob Powell


Our Story

The journey began as a mission to create a world without Waste—pursuing to do good for the planet. We created waste solutions that contribute to lowering greenhouse emissions and a solution that will have the potential to contribute to ending the proliferation of plastics that are strewn across every corner of the globe. From the moment of Brightmark’s inception five years ago, our team has worked tirelessly to evolve and fine-tune our approach to these pressing issues. This is a crucial moment for our planet. We, as a company, are here to create positive change and be a catalyst for good. We aim to be a beacon of hope and inspire companies and individuals alike to take action.

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