Most journeys begin with a single step.

It’s time to Make Your Mark.

Our Make Your Mark page is designed to educate and inform those who seek to get involved by reducing consumption or recycling materials properly. We envision a world without waste, and this is our way of bringing you along with us.

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Cards Against Anxiety
Nurture your mind with nature
Nature Color Palettes
Explore the colors of nature
Waste Tracker
Waste less
Plant-Keeping Essentials
Get plantin'
Zero-waste(ish) Guide
Learn how to become zero-waste(ish)
The Waste Hierarchy
Learn how the levels of waste rank
Composting 101 Guide
Get your composting on
Coastal Cleanup Guide
Clean a coast near you
Recycle Right Guide
Learn what is and isn't recyclable

Find a beach cleanup

If you’re looking for a beach cleanup, we’ve got you covered. Thanks to our friends at the Ocean Conservancy, you can find a beach
cleanup with their interactive tool.

Two young girls putting on gloves for beach cleanup
Throwing food waste into a composter

Find places to compost

If you’re looking to start composting or take your composting efforts to the next level, try MakeSoil. MakeSoil is an online platform that matches “Soil Makers” (people who compost) with nearby “Soil Supporters” (people who contribute scraps).

Changing how the world deals with plastic waste

Brightmark is making our mark with our revolutionary plastics renewal solution — a truly circular approach that turns commingled plastics back into wax and oil that can be reused as anything from transportation fuel to new plastic.

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