Okeechobee Circularity Center

About the project

The Okeechobee Circularity Center includes the construction of new anaerobic digesters at four Larson family dairy farms in Okeechobee County, Florida. Two of the farms are owned by Larson Dairy, Inc., and two are owned by JM Larson, Inc. The four operational digesters will generate renewable natural gas each year. The gas will be delivered to the local interstate gas pipeline system. The center is part of the recently announced joint venture Brightmark RNG Holdings LLC, a Brightmark platform in partnership with Chevron U.S.A. Inc.

A Larson Family Legacy

Project benefits

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Annually, this project reduces an average of over 57,000 tons of CO2eq. That is equivalent to more than 74,000 acres of forest per year.
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This is Brightmark's first circularity center in Florida—developing, owning, and operating the digesters.
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The facility will generate renewable gas every year.

We're unwasting waste. How renewable natural gas is made.

Renewable natural gas (RNG) is natural gas produced from organic waste like food waste and animal plant-based materials. The significant sources of RNG are landfills, animal manure, and solid waste extracted during wastewater treatment.

The gas is considered “renewable” because it is created by continuously produced waste and is naturally occurring as part of the decomposition process. Anaerobic digestion technology captures raw biogas, cleans, upgrades, and compresses it into RNG.


“Brightmark has been a good partner in the development of this project. We are glad technology and economics are coming together to support our environmental and sustainability goals. Cows are the ultimate recyclers, creating wholesome milk from byproducts of the citrus, ethanol, brewing, and textile industries. This technology now also allows us to convert manure to energy and improve the environment.”

– Woody Larson, Participating Farmer

Transform your waste

Brightmark owns and operates over 30 circularity centers working with 40 farms across the United States, all of which have been launched in the past three years alone, making the company an emerging leader in the rapidly growing RNG industry. If you’d like to partner on a project with us, please fill out this form to get started!
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