Our Goals

Goal setters. Goal getters.

“Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.”


– Henry David Thoreau

Goals will only stay just that unless they are accomplished.

At Brightmark, we work to create a world in nature, not on it. Our goal is to develop sustainable, environmentally conscious solutions centered around our technology.

We strive to lower greenhouse gas emissions through our renewable natural gas technology and end plastic pollution through our plastics recycling innovations.

We are determined to create a world without waste, and we won’t stop until this happens.

Our goals for 2028

RNG + plastics renewal
Offset 4.73 million metric tons of CO2
Plastic waste
Divert 8.4 million metric tons of plastic from landfills or the environment
Use that plastic waste to produce the feedstocks necessary to remake plastics and create a truly circular process

Do you want to be a changemaker?

There is no hitting rewind to alter the havoc humans have caused all over the globe. Still, with optimism, determination, and deep respect for Mother Nature, we will create a better and cleaner tomorrow as a company and group of people who want to create a world without waste.

The Brightmark movement starts here and now. Join us as we surpass our goals and put a smile on Mother Nature’s face.


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