How plastics renewal works

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Brightmark's one-of-a-kind plastics renewal technology takes mixed stream plastics and recycles it into a single output that is used to make new products. It's all thanks to a scientific process called pyrolysis*.

* pyrolysis

The chemical decomposition of materials through the application of heat. Distinct from combustion (burning) because it uses no oxygen.

We recycle it all.

type 1

type 2

type 3

type 4

type 5

type 6

type 7

The potential impact of plastics renewal is incredible. Your old yogurt container that would have previously ended up in a landfill or an ocean can now become a pair of upcycled sneakers or a car bumper.



Post-use plastic is collected from cities and companies and is shipped to our facilities.



Once received, the plastic is prepped by sorting and shredding it.



After it is shredded, the plastic is extruded into small pellets and fed into the vessels.



Once pellets are in the vessel, they are heated and vaporized in preparation for circularity.



The liquids and gas are sent to our partners for future lives as circular plastic products, reduced-carbon fuels, and candles made from recycled plastic.

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