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Creating a world without waste.

At Brightmark, we believe that providing circular solutions to some of the world's biggest waste challenges is not only great for business but it's also great for the planet. We're striving to create a world without waste through our projects, creating a better and brighter future for generations (and the environment) to come. We encourage you to join us; there's not a day to waste.

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To date we've recycled
pounds of plastic waste
Arial image of one of Brightmark's Plastic Circularity Centers with the ISCC Plus and Environmental Clarity logos in the foreground.

Plastic Circularity Centers

A life cycle analysis by Environmental Clarity, Inc. and peer-review by a faculty of Georgia Technical Institute of Technology has found that our proprietary, pyrolysis-based process provides:

82% energy use savings1
46% water use savings1
39%-139% reduction in carbon footprint2

Our Ashley Circularity Center received ISCC PLUS certification.

1Life cycle analysis conducted by Environmental Clarity Inc. and peer-reviewed by a Georgia Institute of Technology faculty.
2Scale is based on respective EU and U.S. categorization of waste solutions.

To date we've reduced
tons of CO₂eq through our circularity centers

CARB Certified

Our renewable natural gas circularity centers decrease the carbon intensity of transportation fuels. See which ones are California Air Resources Board (CARB) certified.

Arial shot of one of Brightmark's Renewable Natural Gas Project Centers.

By the numbers

Our mission is our mantra—which is why we participate in frequent cleanups.

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From coastal cleanups to park restoration, we love getting our hands dirty (literally) and keeping waste out of the environment.
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We know there is strength in numbers, so we provide PTO for employees to participate in local and national cleanups, habitat restorations, and more.
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We strive to provide additional support and resources to ensure the organizations and partners we work with have what they need to champion a world without waste.

Real people committing to real solutions

We love to practice what we preach, put our boots on the ground, and get our hands dirty (literally) to create a world without waste. Our employees take environmental stewardship seriously—volunteering with organizations nationwide to help in any way 
they can.
Five people on the Brightmark team at park cleanup event holding trash bags.

Creating a world without waste with our partners

Buoy floating in the ocean with the National Marine Sanctuary Program logo on the front.

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

“From bayside backwaters to the oceanside coral reefs and Gulfstream, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary is at the cultural and economic center of this slice of the world. Strengthening it’s vibrancy is at the top of our ‘to-do’ list every day, yet we are mindful these efforts can have unintended impacts downstream. Now, thanks to a partnership with Brightmark, plastic waste from our mooring buoy program is no longer destined for a thousand year decay in landfills. While sanctuary boaters keep our reefs safe by utilizing a network of more than 900 buoys, when material from those moorings is replaced, Brightmark transforms it into circular plastics, which keep our world a little safer.”

-Sarah Fangman, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

Phillip & Patricia Frost Museum of Science

“We are so thankful for not only the support, but hard work and dedication to conservation and education from the Brightmark team. Not only have they helped over 100 students and continuing participate in a MUVE Volunteer Workday by covering supplies, lunch, and transportation, Brightmark employees join the students during restoration and cleanup events as well. Brightmark is a member of our Frost Science conservation family and we are so happy to continue to collaborate with them.“

-Shannon Jones, Conservation Program Manager

Group of people gathered for a beach cleanup.
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Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation

“Since the majority of discarded plastics that the world produces ends up in our waterways or oceans, I don’t think we can talk enough about the extent that plastics negatively affect the marine environment and its inhabitants. Our planet is in need of environmental solutions, and there are brilliant people doing just that at Brightmark. We’re off to a great start and we love working with Bob and his team. On behalf of the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, I hope that our partnership with Brightmark keeps growing so that we can keep educating, informing and enlightening more students every year to have a long-term generational impact that will benefit our planet.”

-Dr. Guy Harvey, Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation


“The future for the two things that we do, recycling material and recycling lives, is dramatically going to increase because Brightmark is in my state.”

-Gregg Keesling, President of RecycleForce

Two men wearing hard hats and safety vests inside a recycling facility.

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