Earth Month Should be Every Month

April 8th, 2024
Reading time: 3 minutes

I am thrilled to celebrate another Earth Month with the Brightmark gang and reflect on this beautiful planet’s incredible importance. Earth Month reminds me that we all have a role, and every effort makes a difference—no matter how small. It takes us all to get involved and create a brighter future for the generations of today and tomorrow.

Brightmark’s mission to Reimagine Waste stems from creating a world where waste is a resource, not an environmental hindrance. I am incredibly proud of the work of our partners—farmers, non-profit organizations, and businesses, who all contribute to helping us Reimagine Waste. Achieving our goals would not be possible without them.

Brightmark’s progress also overjoys me—it’s genuinely coming full circle. We’re making bright strides outside of reducing over 900,000 tons of CO2 equivalencies and making continuous progress on our circular Plastics Renewal® technology. Additionally, in our continued pursuit of promoting solutions through education, we recently developed a Plastics Circularity scholarship in collaboration with the Society of Plastics Engineers, intended for the students of the Georgia Institute of Technology.

I am grateful for all we’ve accomplished at Brightmark, and I know there’s still more progress.

I’d also like to thank those worldwide who are fighting to protect the planet. Thank you for joining me in this vital mission to protect and care for our planet. Let’s make Earth Month a time of action, optimism, and progress. The beauty and diversity of the world are genuinely remarkable and have so much to offer. It’s a privilege to be part of protecting and preserving it for generations to come.

Here’s to creating a world without waste,
Bob Powell

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