Different plastic types

by sudo July 14th, 2021

Did you know that just because plastic items have a recycle symbol doesn’t guarantee they’re actually recyclable? The number within the ♻️ symbol identifies the type of plastic, which determines if it can be recycled. This can make recycling a challenge. But we have good news! We are changing the way plastic recycling works. Our plastic renewal facility in Ashley, IN, can recycle all plastic types.


Example of plastic type 1: water bottle
Polyethylene Terephthalate

Water bottles, soft drinks, mouthwash, salad dressing bottles, peanut butter containers, oil containers, and some ropes. Plastic #1 is usually clear in color, and it is not intended for multiple uses.

Yes, commonly recycled.


Example of plastic type 2: milk jug
High-density Polyethylene

Milk and juice jugs, detergent and household cleaners, cosmetics, bleach containers, toys, crates, buckets and playground equipment.
Plastic #2 is durable enough to be reused without any harm.

Yes, commonly recycled.


Example of plastic type 3: packaging
Polyvinyl Chloride

Piping, some shampoo and cooking oil bottles, bubble wrap, house siding, shower curtains, credit cards. Plastic #3 contains chemical additives that can be harmful and should never be burned.

No, not commonly recycled.


Example of plastic type 4: bags
Low-density Polyethylene

Bread bags, frozen foods, plastic grocery bags bags, toothpaste, hot and cold beverage cups, sandwich bags. Plastic #4 while not commonly recycled, many retailers have now started accepting it.

No, not commonly recycled.


Example of plastic type 5: pill bottle

Yogurt and cottage cheese containers, ketchup and syrup bottles, medicine bottles, straws, disposable diapers, and potato chip bags. Plastic #5 is often used for food; if your community recycles this type of plastic, make sure it is rinsed.

No, not commonly recycled.


Example of plastic type 6: takeout box

Styrofoam take-out containers, egg cartons, plastic utensils, foam packing peanuts, CD cases, seed trays, and fast-food trays. Plastic #6 is easily breakable, and the proper care should be taken when throwing it away.

No, not commonly recycled.


Example of plastic type 7: plastic fork
Miscellaneous Plastics

Sunglasses, eyeglasses, CDs and DVDs, computer cases, 5-gallon water jugs, bulletproof materials, sippy cups, dental sealants, and nylon. Plastic #7 is made up of a wide variety of plastic resins that don’t fit into the previous categories.

No, not commonly recycled.



Always double-check the plastic number and ensure that your community recycles that type before putting it in the bin.


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Sustainability tip: Using a reusable tumbler for all liquids will help prevent over 600 BILLION pieces of plastic waste from being landfilled.
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