December Donations: Ways to Give Back During the Holidays

December 14th, 2022
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Giving back during the holidays is a fantastic way to show gratitude and give thanks for all you have. This holiday, we’re sharing some brands, organizations, and individuals giving back to their communities and making the world a brighter place for all. Find one that resonates most with you and find ways to show them your support.


If you’re an animal lover

All animals are incredible species that deserve to be respected and protected. Whether a pig on a farm or a lion in the savanna, all animals are important and deserve ethical treatment. If you want to help animals, a few organizations to consider are: 


If you’re looking to help tackle homelessness

The housing crisis is an evolving challenge and significantly affects individuals worldwide. However, various organizations are doing incredible work to combat and solve this growing issue.


If you’re passionate about helping the environment

The protection of the environment is critical for every living being on earth. There are various ways to protect and preserve the beauty of the natural world, including supporting various organizations and sustainable brands, like:


If you’re looking to help refugees

Unfortunately, this year we’ve witnessed a significant increase in displaced refugees due to the Ukraine war. If you’d like to support organizations making a difference for refugees, a few to consider are:

  • Donations: Some IRC U.S. offices welcome in-kind donations such as household goods, furniture, school supplies, and gift cards to support arriving refugees.
  • 1951 Coffee Company
  • Made 51


Whichever organization you choose to support is up to you. Whether you share December donations of time, money, or gifts, every little bit matters. Remember, it’s the thought that counts.

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