Bold & Bright: Black Brilliance in Bloom—Celebrating Eco-Conscious Black-Owned Businesses 

February 5th, 2024
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As Black History Month begins, it’s critical to recognize the remarkable achievements of the past and celebrate the incredible work being accomplished in the present. This year, we’re spotlighting environmentally-conscious, Black-owned businesses. These pioneers are forging a path toward a more sustainable future and redefining what it means to make bold moves that make the planet’s future bright. 

Meet the businesses exemplifying eco-conscious Black excellence and discover the impact they’re making on the planet.


OUI the People: Redefining Beauty with Clean Ingredients and Zero Waste

OUI the People, founded by Karen Young, is a beauty brand that’s as clean as its ingredients. They’ve ditched unnecessary packaging—opting for refillable glass containers and biodegradable materials. 

Its commitment to sustainability goes beyond aesthetics. OUI the People sources ethically and sustainably grown ingredients, partnering with small farms that prioritize regenerative agriculture practices. They’re also deeply involved in environmental activism, supporting organizations like Black Girl Ventures and the National Black Farmers Association.


Brother Vellies: Ethical Fashion with a Global Soul

The brainchild of Aurora James, Brother Vellies is a footwear brand that champions style and social responsibility. James’ designs are inspired by her Haitian heritage and crafted by traditional artisans worldwide, using techniques passed down through generations.

Brother Vellies prioritizes using locally sourced, natural materials like leather and raffia, minimizing its environmental footprint. It also invests in training programs for artisans, empowering communities, and preserving cultural heritage. In 2020, James even used Brother Vellies’ platform to raise over $1 million for Black Lives Matter organizations.


Golde: Superfood Solutions for a Healthy Planet

Golde, founded by Trinity Mouzon Wofford, is on a mission to make wellness accessible and enjoyable. Its line of superfood blends like matcha, turmeric, and cacao are good for people and the planet.

Golde sources its ingredients from organic and fair-trade farms, ensuring the ethical treatment of people and the environment. Golde also prioritizes minimal packaging, opting for compostable pouches and recycled materials. Through its partnership with One Tree Planted, Golde plants a tree for every order placed, directly contributing to reforestation efforts.


BLK + GRN: Nourishing the Body and the Earth   

Founded by Dr. Kristian Edwards, BLK + GRN is an online marketplace showcasing a curated selection of self-care products made by Black artisans. BLK + GRN champions sustainability by prioritizing natural, plant-based ingredients and cruelty-free practices.

Beyond offering a diverse range of non-toxic goods, BLK + GRN meticulously vets each vendor, ensuring its commitment to ethical sourcing, eco-friendly production methods, and minimal packaging. BLK + GRN also actively supports initiatives like the Black Farmers Association, nurturing a holistic ecosystem of environmental and economic well-being within the Black community. 

These are just four shining examples of the many Black-owned businesses making bold moves for a more sustainable future. By supporting these ventures and championing those creating a world without waste, all can celebrate Black excellence and invest in a healthier planet.


If you’re interested in finding other ways to champion Black excellence, here are some additional ways to celebrate Black History Month and support environmentally-conscious Black businesses:

  • Do your research. Websites like Black Owned Businesses can help you discover incredible eco-friendly brands.
  • Follow these businesses on social media and share their stories with your network.
  • Attend events and workshops hosted by Black environmental organizations.
  • Donate to or volunteer with organizations addressing environmental justice issues in Black communities.

By taking action, everyone can amplify the voices and impact of these changemakers, ensuring that Black brilliance continues to brighten the path toward a more just and sustainable world.

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Iyon Baker

Iyon is a curious, creative NC native and Chapel Hill alum who is always eager to embark on new adventures that provide more skills. With a background in advertising, public relations, digital marketing, and fine arts, she uses her skills for copywriting and brand storytelling. Her professional journey has led her to diverse projects that taught her to embrace challenges and adapt to any situation. In her leisure time, Iyon enjoys gardening, knitting, and traveling. 

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