Madison Circularity Center

About the project

The Madison Circularity Center in Madison, Wisconsin, converts methane released from dairy manure from three area farms into renewable natural gas each year. The digester upgrades were completed in June 2020, completing three operational digesters.

Project benefits

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Annually, this project reduces an average of over 16,000 tons of CO2eq. That is equivalent to more than 21,000 acres of forest per year.
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Recovering and processing manure from the farms will prevent excess nitrogen and phosphorus from escaping into local air and water, reducing phosphorus runoff alone by 60%.
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Brightmark provides its own operations and maintenance support for the digesters. The center was also developed in close coordination with Dane County, Wisconsin. The renewable natural gas collected from the anaerobic digester is transported to the county’s landfill gas processing facility and injected directly into an interstate pipeline.

“As a participating farm, we are excited to have Brightmark as a partner in the anaerobic digestion of the manure from our cows. This agreement will help local farms continue to be environmentally friendly to our community and help us to stay in compliance with environmental regulations. We have always taken pride in being excellent stewards of land conservation and ensuring our land is a safe environment for our neighbors.”

– Chuck Ripp of Ripp’s Dairy Valley LLC

Transform your waste

Brightmark owns and operates over 30 circularity centers working with 40 farms across the United States, all of which have been launched in the past three years alone, making the company an emerging leader in the rapidly growing RNG industry. If you’d like to partner on a project with us, please fill out this form to get started!
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