Renewing Our Reefs

November 15th, 2021
Reading time: 2 minutes

By training, engaging, and inspiring communities globally, we aim to not only better our oceans but each other as well. One way that we are doing this is by renewing reefs with organizations that specialize in marine conservation. It’s important to us that we not only create circular solutions to solve some of the world’s most pressing waste challenges but that we also find ways to give back to our communities both locally and globally. By taking small steps, each of us can make a difference—ultimately creating a better world.


Our Story
The journey began as a mission to create a world without Waste—pursuing good for the planet. We created waste solutions that contribute to lowering greenhouse emissions and a solution that will potentially end the proliferation of plastics strewn across every corner of the globe. From the moment of Brightmark’s inception five years ago, our team has worked tirelessly to evolve and fine-tune our approach to these pressing issues. This is a crucial moment for our planet. We, as a company, are here to create positive change and be a catalyst for good. We aim to be a beacon of hope and inspire companies and individuals alike to take action.

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