Beauty Beneath the Surface

November 15th, 2021
Reading time: 2 minutes

There is beauty beneath the surface. The power of collaboration and hard work knows no bounds. Our partnership with organizations like the Frost Museum of Science will allow us to connect people of all ages. This involvement of individuals worldwide will help create sustained beauty beneath the surface for generations to come.

Brightmark & Frost Partnership from Brightmark Social on Vimeo.

Our Story
The journey began as a mission to create a world without Waste—pursuing good for the planet. We created waste solutions that contribute to lowering greenhouse emissions and a solution that will potentially end the proliferation of plastics strewn across every corner of the globe. From the moment of Brightmark’s inception five years ago, our team has worked tirelessly to evolve and fine-tune our approach to these pressing issues. This is a crucial moment for our planet. We, as a company, are here to create positive change and be a catalyst for good. We aim to be a beacon of hope and inspire companies and individuals alike to take action.

About Frost Science
Located in Downtown Miami, the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science (Frost Science) is a leading science museum dedicated to sharing the power of science, sparking wonder and investigation, and fueling innovation for the future. With over a decade of expertise in field-based conservation projects, Frost Science’s conservation programs educate and inspire action on marine and coastal preservation in South Florida and the Caribbean.

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