Environmental Psychology: Exclusive Interview with Psychology Professor, Lindsay McCunn, PhD.

by Brightmark June 16th, 2022

In today’s climate, quite literally, the world is changing rapidly. Younger generations face new hurdles to manage—one being climate change and the anxiety that results from it. Experts today refer to the inducing anxiety caused by climate change as “climate anxiety,” a significant level(s) of psychological distress associated with climate change, exacerbated by the government’s failure to act quickly.

While the government has its due part and responsibility to fix the climate crisis, it requires all of humanity to work towards making significant changes to protect our environment and instill a culture of sustainability within our social structures. Watch our conversation with Vancouver Island University Professor of Psychology, Dr. Lindsay McCunn, below.



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About Lindsay McCunn

Dr. Lindsay McCunn is a tenured Professor of psychology focusing on environmental psychology and neuroscience. She is a Professor at Vancouver Island University and the Director of the Environmental Psychology Research Lab. She is also the Chair of the environmental psychology section of the Canadian Psychological Association, the co-editor-in-chief of the Journal of Environmental Psychology, the chair-elect of the Environmental Design Research Association, an associate editor and statistics editor for Cities & Health, and a Canadian Delegate to the General Assembly of the International Union of Psychological Science. Finally, she is the principal of McCunn & Associates Consulting.