Sumter Circularity Center

About the project

The 1.546 megawatt Sumter Circularity Center in Sumter, South Carolina, uses methane biogas generated by customer Pilgrim’s poultry processing facility to produce electricity and hot water—enough to power 500 – 700 households. There is one on-site anaerobic digester that recovers methane gas created in the plant and uses it for combined heat and power. Each year, the center generates up to 30,000 renewable energy certificates (RECs). The Sumter Circularity Center has been operational since July 2015, and Brightmark provides ongoing operations and maintenance support for the project.

Project benefits

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In 2018, the facility prevented the release of 6,622 metric tons of CO2eq emissions. That’s equivalent to planting 109,496 trees or taking 1,406 cars off the road.
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The Sumter plant recycles all wastewater from its anaerobic digester.
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The on-site anaerobic digester allows waste methane to be used to produce electricity and hot water.

“From an environmental standpoint, I want to get the most out of what we do from an environmental standpoint. Before our partnership with Brightmark, burning our methane off was just a wasted material. With Brightmark, we now generate energy that was being wasted before—we are preventing waste and creating usable products. It’s a real win-win.”

– John Morris, Pilgrim’s Complex Environmental Manager

Transform your waste

Brightmark owns and operates over 30 circularity centers working with 40 farms across the United States, all of which have been launched in the past three years alone, making the company an emerging leader in the rapidly growing RNG industry. If you’d like to partner on a project with us, please fill out this form to get started!
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