The SunRyz Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) project in Morenci, Michigan will convert 133,000 gallons of manure per day from 3,250 dairy cows into about 76,000 MMBtu of RNG each year – enough fuel to circle the equator 77 times. The RNG generated at SunRyz will be injected into the nearby Rover pipeline. Developed in partnership with Chevron, SunRyz is expected to begin producing in the first half of 2022.

“Adding an anaerobic digester is just the latest sustainability upgrade we’ve made at SunRyz. We’re always looking for ways to reduce costs and be good stewards of the environment at the same time. Brightmark gave us an opportunity to do just that with this project.”
– Jordan den Dulk, Case Ryzebol, SunRyz Dairy

Project Benefits

GHG Reductions
The facility will offset approximately 27,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

Waste to New Products
Renewable products generated by the project include biofertilizer, digested dairy fiber for use as cow bedding or as a peat moss substitute, and irrigation water.

Project Locations

The SunRyz Project is located in Morenci, Michigan.

SunRyz RNG Project


Brightmark and Chevron co-developed the project via our joint venture, Brightmark RNG Holdings LLC. IPS is providing engineering, procurement, and construction services for Den Dulk, with ongoing project operations and maintenance support provided by NAES. Energyneering is providing additional engineering support.

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