The C Dairy renewable natural gas (RNG) project in Mondovi, Wisconsin will convert manure from about 5,200 dairy cows at C Dairy Farm into about 129,000 MMBtu of RNG each year. Developed in partnership with Chevron, C Dairy is expected to begin producing RNG in 2023.  

C Dairy Farm

“C Dairy takes great pride in its operation and maintains a deep commitment to environmental sustainability. This anaerobic digestion project in partnership with Brightmark and Chevron furthers our efforts to use state-of-the-art technology to farm with intent.” 
Marty Wayne and Wendy Bautch, Managers of C Dairy

Project Benefits

GHG Reductions: The C Dairy project is anticipated to prevent 46,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

Waste to New Products: The facility will generate 129,000 MMBtu of renewable natural gas per year.

Project Locations

The C Dairy Project is located in Mondovi, Wisconsin.

C Dairy Farm

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