When it comes to the circular economy,  Europe gets it.

In many ways, European nations are ahead of the rest of the world in advancing circular solutions that transform the way waste is considered, valued, and processed. Whilst the European Commission has adopted a robust circular economy plan, innovative approaches are required to meet the 55% by 2030 plastics recycling target and sustainably manage the remainder. 

Now Brightmark is in partnership with bp to deliver new, sustainable options for European nations to manage end-of-life plastics to help further Europe’s circular ambitions. In September 2021, Brightmark and bp announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to jointly evaluate opportunities for the development of plastics renewal plants located in Germanythe Netherlands, and Belgium that would convert waste plastics otherwise destined for incineration, landfill, or export, into valuable feedstocks for plastics and other industrial applications.

Ashley Indiana Plastics Renewal Facility
Brightmark Plastics Renewal Facility in Ashley, Indiana, USA

bp is the offtaker for Brightmark’s landmark Plastics Renewal Plant in Ashley, Indiana, which is undergoing final commissioning.

Brightmark and bp are closely aligned in their commitments to promoting circular solutions in the global economy. The companies have previously partnered on Brightmark’s Ashley, Indiana Plastics Renewal Plant, for which bp is the primary offtaker of the plant’s products. The companies’ collaboration in Europe is a natural extension of this successful partnership.

“Promoting circularity and unlocking new sources of value are part of our sustainability frame. We are excited to extend our work with the team at Brightmark as we seek to develop new sustainable products and supply chains. Their innovative technology complements our refining and trading businesses while providing opportunities for a more sustainable future, enabling materials to be kept in use for longer.“ 

Carol Howle, Executive Vice President Trading and Shipping, bp

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