Jay Schabel

President – Plastics Division

My Contribution to the Mission:
I am responsible for the development and integration of the business from conceptual technology to commercial operation at our plant in Ashley, Indiana. I am inspired by the potential for technology and commercialization to positively impact the globe.

A Retrospective: With an entrepreneurial background, I have seen first-hand, how technology can ease processes and inject new life into existing products to make them more efficient. In the past, I was responsible for the creation and execution of proprietary processes and new systems that were rolled out in plants across the country.

Diplomas On My Wall:
Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Iowa State University, with a minor in Mathematics.

Where You Could Have Seen Me:
I have had multiple speaking engagements across the country over the past few years, focusing on solutions for plastic waste along with how those solutions help free up other waste to be diverted from our landfills and waterways.

Where Else You Might Find Me:
Running, hiking, working on my house, and spending time with my kids.

Words I Live By:
“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.” This encapsulates my approach to dealing with adversity and surprises in my career and professional life.