The Yellowjacket Project

The Yellowjacket Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) project in upstate New York will reduce greenhouse gas each year. Previously, the anaerobic digesters on these farms produced electricity used on-site and transmitted to the local electric grid. However, some of the digesters are more than ten years old, and they had begun to cost more to maintain and operate than they generated in value. After refurbishment work is complete, participating farmers expect to see drastically greater returns on their digesters.
We’re excited for the digester upgrades to be complete so that we can see improved returns on our investments. Brightmark has been a fantastic partner throughout this process, and we’re hopeful about the long-term results of this project.
Matt Lamb, Participating farmer and owner of Lake Shore Dairy

Project Benefits

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GHG Reductions
The facility will offset greenhouse gas emissions each year.
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Resource Recovery
Recovering and processing manure from the farms will prevent excess nitrogen and phosphorus from escaping into the local air and water.
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Waste To New Products
Renewable products generated by the project include biofertilizer, digested dairy fiber for use as cow bedding or as a peat moss substitute, and reclaimed irrigation water.

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