The Crossroads Project

The Crossroads renewable natural gas (RNG) project in Wayland, Michigan, includes building a new anaerobic digester on Crossroads Farms in Allegan County. The manure from this farm will produce renewable natural gas each year. After the project is complete, the biogas generated by this manure will be captured, cleaned, and converted into RNG. Bridgewater is part of the third tranche of projects developed under the Brightmark RNG Holdings LLC joint venture with Chevron U.S.A. Inc.
Crossroads Dairy is the next farm to be joining the anaerobic digestion projects in partnership with Brightmark and Chevron, which is a testament to the value we’re looking forward to from the first project in Ravenna. This technology is great for meeting our sustainability goals while providing an additional revenue stream for the farm.
Crossroads Farm Manager Ryan Steendam

Project Benefits

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GHG Reductions
The Crossroads project is anticipated to prevent greenhouse gas emissions each year.
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Resource Recovery
The process of recovering and processing manure from the farms will prevent excess emissions from escaping into the local air and water.
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Waste To New Products
The facility will generate renewable natural gas every year. Other renewable products generated by the project include fertilizer.


In October 2020, Brightmark LLC and Chevron U.S.A. Inc. originally announced the formation of the Brightmark RNG Holdings LLC joint venture to own projects across the United States to produce and market dairy biomethane, a renewable natural gas. Equity investments by each company in the new venture fund construction of infrastructure and commercial operation of dairy biomethane projects in multiple states. Chevron purchases RNG produced from these projects and markets the volumes for use in vehicles operating on compressed natural gas.

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