The Castor Project

Three Western Michigan farms have each signed supply agreements with Brightmark indicating their intent to provide the company with dairy manure from their herds that will serve as feedstock for new anaerobic digesters to be built on Beaver Creek Farm. The digesters will capture, extract, and clean the methane in the manure, then convert it into renewable natural gas (RNG) and inject it into a nearby gas pipeline. The project is part of the recently announced joint venture Brightmark RNG Holdings LLC, a Brightmark platform in partnership with Chevron U.S.A. Inc.
The Castor Project
As a participating farm, we are excited to have Brightmark as a partner in the anaerobic digestion of the manure from our cows. This investment will help local farms like ours continue to be environmentally friendly to our community and help us to exceed environmental regulations and responsibilities. We have always taken pride in being excellent stewards of our land, community, and industry.
Greg Stahl, owner of Den Dulk Dairy Farm

Project Benefits

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GHG Reductions
Once the Castor project is fully operational in early 2022, it is anticipated to produce renewable natural gas each year, making this Brightmark’s largest RNG project to date.

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