The Caballero Project

The Caballero Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) project in Eloy, Arizona, will convert manure into renewable natural gas daily. When fully operational, the benefits of the Caballero RNG project include reducing greenhouse gas emissions each year and generating renewable gas annually. Developed in partnership with Chevron, Caballero is expected to begin producing in early 2022, with all RNG injected into the El Paso Natural Gas Pipeline owned by Kinder Morgan.
We pride ourselves on being good stewards of the environment to ensure our natural resources are protected for current and future generations. By bringing this innovative technology to our farm, we are leading by example and showing how dairy farms across Arizona can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve water quality and protect the environment while generating new sources of revenue. We are proud to partner with Brightmark RNG to advance sustainable agriculture and energy production in Arizona.
Craig Caballero, Caballero Farms

Project Benefits

The facility will offset greenhouse gas emissions each year.
After the methane is extracted from the processed manure, the remaining soil nutrients will be returned to the farmers for use as fertilizer and water for forage crops for their cows.


Brightmark and Chevron co-developed the project via our joint venture, Brightmark RNG Holdings LLC. Venture Global LNG is providing engineering, procurement, and construction services for Caballero, with ongoing project operations and maintenance support provided by NAES. Chevron will purchase the RNG produced by the project and market it for use in compressed natural gas vehicles.

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