The Augean Project

About the project

The Augean renewable natural gas (RNG) project in Yakima County, Washington, will convert 150,000 gallons per day at George DeRuyter & Sons Dairy into renewable natural gas each year. Brightmark’s investment in the Augean project enables DeRuyter to upgrade its 2007 manure collection system and digester to increase its capacity. A vital component of the project is the construction of a new gas pipeline infrastructure that sets the table for RNG projects for other dairies in the area.

Project benefits

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The facility will reduce greenhouse gas emissions annually.
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Renewable products generated by the project include biofertilizer, digested dairy fiber for use as cow bedding or as a peat moss substitute, and reclaimed irrigation water.
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The project is expected to save DeRuyter Dairies more than $500,000 each year in operations and environmental compliance costs.

“On day one after the digester upgrades were complete, we were out there emptying manure ponds to turn that waste back into useful products and to recycle nutrients. We’re glad for the opportunity to lead the way for others in the industry in this arena.”

– Dan DeRuyter, co-owner of DeRuyter Dairies

Transform your waste

Brightmark owns and operates over 30 renewable natural gas projects working with 40 farms across the United States, all of which have been launched in the past three years alone, making the company an emerging leader in the rapidly growing RNG industry. If you’d like to partner on a project with us, please fill out this form to get started!
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