Bright with Pride—Sustainability Focused LGBTQ+ Influencers

June 2nd, 2022
Reading time: 3 minutes

Authored by Esther Cho

Happy Pride Month! The month of June is so important because it is in recognition of the beautiful, powerful, and creative LGBTQ+ community! Being an ally for the LGBTQ+ community, BLM, AAPI, or any other minority starts by being well-informed about social justice issues! Here are some LGBTQ+ sustainable influencers that are worth a follow.


Pattie Gonia – @pattiegonia 

Environmentalist, drag queen, and co-founder of “The Outdoorist Oath,” Pattie Gonia is a sustainable influencer that you need to follow as soon as possible. They are a queer activist that is on a mission to help us all find joy in nature. They love to create their drag looks with recycled materials, advocate for a more sustainable lifestyle, and learn to love the world we live in! 


Isaias Hernandez – @queerbrownvegan

Isaias is an environmental educator that provides the content to help better learn and unlearn some key sustainable living components. On his page, you can find comprehensive guides on ecological books, veganism, foraging, climate change & mental health, and climate justice terms! His page is a great safe space to learn more about environmental issues and different lingo!


Brian Brigantti – @redleafranch

Brian has a beautiful, luscious garden in Tennesee, and he eats all of his harvests! He is a sustainable farmer that has a passion for abundance! A smile will automatically get put on your face from watching his content, and he is worth a follow!


Jamie Margolin – @jamie_s_margolin

Jamie is the founder of “Zero Hour,” a nonprofit organization that is an intersectional movement of young activists fighting for a livable planet. The author of “Youth to Power” is a guide to change-making for young people. She is powerful, and she is unstoppable. Follow along to learn how to become an activist for social justice and environmental issues! 


Shelbi Lee – @shelbizleee 

Featured on BBC, NY Times, and Vanity Fair, this sustainability expert is the person to follow! She talks about all areas of sustainability, such as fashion, farming, and just her day-to-day life! She also has a Youtube channel about sustainability tips and tricks! 


Amy Quichiz – @veggiemijas 

What started as a simple Instagram account for simple college dorm recipes, Amy Quichiz had the idea of creating Veggie Mijas to share recipes along with creating a community with fellow vegans around the world. Veggie Mijas’ mission is to make a safe space to share their food experiences or have a plant-based lifestyle through an intersectional lens! 


Livin La Vegan – @livinlavegan

A couple co-wrote a veganism blog! They write guides, recipes, and tips and tricks for living a plant-based lifestyle. They have so many different recipes for all kinds of food! Are you looking for some fresh vegan recipes? Look no further; @livinlavegan is the page for you! 

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