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May 20th, 2022
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Authored by Esther Cho

It can be easy to get caught up in the doom and gloom of the world’s environmental challenges, making it challenging to feel optimistic about the future state of our planet. Current news can get so heavy and, at times, difficult to read and doesn’t always focus on positive environmental news. However, here are some positive current events in the sustainability industry! Hopefully, this positive environmental news will boost your spirits and brighten your day.


46 Million Dollars are Given to US Indigenous Communities

Through President Biden’s infrastructure package, initiatives that address and strengthen climate adaptation, ocean and coastal management, and community-driven relocation are Funded.


Ecuador Works with Indigenous Nations on Sustainable Development

Pastaza, Ecuador, has created a 52-million-dollar sustainable development plan to work with indigenous nations that include their cultural practices and don’t go against their beliefs.


Massachusetts Senate Addresses Climate Change Through the Passing of a Climate Change Bill

The Senate addressed climate change in three different ways, renewable energy, transportation, and buildings, and set aside a 100 million dollar budget to support the use of clean energy.


16 Billion Dollars Worth of Pledges Have Been Made to Protect Ocean Health

At the Ocean Conference from Mongabay, it was announced that over 16 billion dollars had been made in pledges to make improvements to the health and protection of the world’s oceans and the beautiful creatures that live in the waters.


New Method Developed to Help Track Arctic Permafrost

This new project built by Permafrost Pathways has been developed to fill critical gaps in the planet’s understanding of Arctic carbon and methane emissions. It is said that this new project will significantly help scientists better understand this significant issue.


Plans to Triple Electric Vehicle Sales in California by 2026

36% of all new cars that are supposed to be sold in California in 2026 will be electric. Governor Gavin Newsom has planned to phase out new fossil fuel-powered vehicles by 2035.


Rules Targeting Waste and Recyclability Proposed by European Union

These rules are measures made to make it easier for people to repair electronic devices, and “ecodesign” requirements for clothing, requiring clothing companies to use a more durable and recyclable fabric.


*Information was sourced and provided by Future Earth* 

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