At Brightmark, we believe it is essential to practice what we preach. We are living this out at the construction site of our Ashley Indiana plastics renewal facility where we are committing to #ZeroWaste and recycling all plastic waste from the construction process.

Our Commitment to #ZeroWaste

Since breaking ground in 2019 we have collected 20,958 pounds of plastic waste from the project site, diverting it from local landfills. Here is a breakdown of what we have collected:

  • 158 pounds of plastic packaging collected from the job trailers (that’s a lot of candy wrappers and cups)
  •  400 pounds of plastic pipe scrap from the natural gas line installation crew
  •  1,000 pounds of stretch wrap, strapping, paint buckets and packaging from our contractors
  •  3,000 pounds of unwanted clothes hangers from our neighbors at Family Dollar Distribution
  •  16,400 pounds of heavy plastic drainage tile removed from the property during site preparation

“We knew technologies like ours would be valuable for plastics that aren’t recyclable. Little did we know that is 91% of all plastics produced. Brightmark is redefining what’s possible for recycling technology. This is the evolution of recycling.”

— Mike Dungan

#PlasticOnly with RUFUS

The Remote Universal Feedstock Utilization System (RUFUS) assesses plastic waste offered to Brightmark Energy’s Plastics Division as potential feedstock for conversion to energy products. Processing samples on-site using the mobile RUFUS configuration quickly establishes the suitability of materials from a technical standpoint and pre-qualifies the source as a potential long-term supply partner for a Brightmark facility. Watch our video below for a demonstration of how RUFUS works.

Got Plastic? Contact us today if your locality is interested in partnering with us on an advanced recycling facility.