Together with the Northeast Indiana Solid Waste Management District (NISWD), Brightmark has pioneered a program to convert boat shrink wrap waste to transportation fuel and wax. This program is planned to expand to marinas located in four counties in Indiana: DeKalb, LaGrange, Noble and Steuben.

Boat shrink wrap is a traditionally hard-to-recycle material. Similar in structure to heavy duty garbage bags, it is nearly impossible to recycle under regular circumstances. This means it typically ends up as discarded waste. Our proprietary plastics renewal process allows for the recycling of this hard-to-recycle material. The wrap avoids the landfill and, instead, gets turned into something of value for boat owners – fuel. The fuel produced from the boat wrap then goes back into the transportation fuel pool in the Midwest, completing one vision of a circular economy.

There are more than 11 million boats registered in the United States, which require a lot of boat wrap during the off-season. In fact, boaters use approximately 110,000 tons of boat shrink wrap each year, which often ends up in a landfill as soon as boating season comes around. When recycled, that waste can be converted into nearly 21,000 barrels of renewable fuel. 

If your Northeast Indiana marina has boat shrink wrap in need of recycling, contact us today!