We are committed to being a part of the solution- not the problem. At Brightmark, we believe it is essential to practice what we preach. Our team members are committed to being a part of the change.

Beach Clean Up

Ocean Beach Clean up
with Net Your Problem NGO

The Brightmark team partnered with Net Your Problem NGO for a large ocean clean up in Washington State. We took 1000 lbs of plastic waste from the cleanup back to our Ashley facility to be turned into transportation fuel and wax!

Ashley Sustainability Program

Learn how we are practicing what we preach at the construction site of our Ashley Indiana Plastics Renewal Facility.

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Earth Day Cleanup

For Earth Day 2019, the Brightmark team cleaned up litter in Mill Valley, CA. All waste gathered has been sent to our Ashley, Indiana plastics renewal facility to be converted to fuel and wax.

It’s Only One Cup Commitment

In August 2019, all Brightmark employees took the pledge of #NoSingleUse beverage cups for the month. The impact for this initiative was estimated at 2,400 single use beverage cups not just being diverted from landfills, but not being used at all.

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