Waste360 – Dec 1, 2020
Written by Arlene Karidis

Chevron U.S.A and Brightmark are partnering to build and own projects in multiple states to produce renewable natural gas (RNG) for transportation fuel sourced from biomethane from dairy farms. Chevron will purchase and market the RNG while Brightmark will run these projects at anaerobic digesters (AD) at the farms, capturing raw biogas, cleaning, upgrading, and compressing it. The fuel will be injected into local, state, and or interstate pipelines.

The four projects will be owned and operated by the joint venture: Brightmark RNG Holdings.

Brightmark is focusing on biogas sourced specifically from dairy manure due to its significant negative net carbon impact on the environment, says Brightmark CEO Bob Powell.

RNG from dairy manure has a carbon score of -304 g C02/MJ energy. To put this value in perspective, ultra low-sulfur diesel has a carbon score of 100.45 g C02/MJ energy, and RNG from landfill gas has a carbon score of 37.225 g C02/MJ energy, according to data from California’s Air Resources Board.

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