Energy Intelligence Group – October 11, 2020
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Brightmark and Chevron just formed a joint venture to own projects across the United States to produce and market dairy biomethane. Greenlane Renewables signed a $5.8 million contract with Brightmark. Construction started in Ohio on a $33 million RNG project. Verbio’s RNG facility slated to be running by fall 2021. A new RNG facility is being constructed in Arizona. Aemetis completed construction on their first two dairy digesters and a four mile RNG pipeline. BP got in on the RNG action with a Tennessee project.

In today’s Digest, why RNG is so hot this year, the latest projects, details on the Chevron and Brightmark deal, and more.


Let’s start with the most recent news from just a few days ago on Brightmark and Chevron’s RNG joint venture.

Where’s the money going? Equity investments by each company in the new venture will fund construction of infrastructure and commercial operation of dairy biomethane projects in multiple states. Chevron will purchase RNG produced from these projects and market the volumes for use in vehicles operating on compressed natural gas. Marathon Capital acted as exclusive financial advisor to Brightmark in establishing the partnership with Chevron.

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