Biogas-To-RNG Project Developer is Ready to Move the Needle

By Nora Goldstein

In August 2016, Bob Powell founded Brightmark Energy “to think about environmental problems that were not being addressed well,” he recalls. “I knew wind and solar were amazing, but there were other areas — waste and renewable natural gas (RNG) — that had opportunities to tap.”

In April 2020, Brightmark Energy, a San Francisco-based company, rebranded as Brightmark, “to better reflect the company’s mission and focus,” noted a press release. “The new name signifies the company’s global growth trajectory in support of its mission to build a world without waste, as well as the outputs Brightmark produces other than energy, including clean water, wax, and the materials used to produce new plastics. Advanced plastics recycling, or plastics renewal, and renewable natural gas via anaerobic digestion will remain at the core of Brightmark’s waste solutions.”

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