During this time of dealing with a global pandemic, we truly are in this together. While we are faced with challenges and tests of strength, there is also more of a feeling of togetherness, optimism and support from mankind than I have ever experienced in my lifetime. We are seeing how people and companies can come together in trying times to help each other. This virus is not one country’s problem… it’s everyone’s problem. 

I’d like to thank the first responders, medical providers, and essential workers, such as the sanitation/recycling crews and farmers for keeping us safe and fed during this time. I’d like to thank families, friends and communities for working together. I’d like to commend individuals that practice social distancing… all for the greater good. 

This situation reminds me of why we at Brightmark get out of bed each morning to look for better solutions to the world’s waste problems. We’re in this together. We may have to work from home for awhile, but we will get through this and we definitely still believe the future is looking very bright.

Sending you good health and wellness, from my couch to yours,
Bob Powell
Founder & CEO