SAN FRANCISCO – Brightmark Energy, the global waste solutions leader, today announced that it has dropped the word “Energy” from its name and will be known as simply “Brightmark” to better reflect the company’s mission and focus. The new name signifies the company’s global growth trajectory in support of its mission to build a world without waste, as well as the outputs Brightmark produces other than energy, including clean water, wax, and the materials used to produce new plastics. Advanced plastics recycling, or plastics renewal, and renewable natural gas via anaerobic digestion will remain at the core of Brightmark’s waste solutions.

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the company is also announcing ambitious new goals that demonstrate its deep commitment to putting its environmental values at the center of all it does. In the next five years, Brightmark aims to:

  • Divert 8.4 million metric tons of plastic from landfills and the natural environment
  • Offset the release of 22 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

“Simply put, Brightmark aims to change the world,” explained CEO Bob Powell. “Our team shares the imagination, grit, and optimism that is driving this company to globally scale solutions to our most pressing environmental challenges. In particular, our plastics renewal technology is poised to be a game-changer – we are able to single-stream plastics one through seven — including contaminated, littered plastics from our waterways – and transform this waste back into useful materials.”

Brightmark engaged cause marketing content agency Good Good Studios to provide branding and website design support for the brand update. 

Brightmark brings together visionary engineering and cutting-edge waste solutions technology to make a positive impact on our communities and the world around us, while keeping an eye toward the future. 

“Brightmark’s brand refresh better exemplifies our ambition, focus, and scale of thinking,” explained Brightmark Vice President of Marketing Chrystal Boone. “It was crucial for us to narrow down our brand voice to better reflect what drives our work and where we will see Brightmark progressing in the coming years. We’re truly focused on top to bottom solutions to the planet’s waste challenges, and the new Brightmark brand can carry us through in pursuit of that vision.” 

Over the past two years, Brightmark has more than tripled the size of its staff, garnered  $150 million in equity investments in its projects, and acquired proprietary technology that will create a circular economy for post-use plastics. On the project side, its key accomplishments include:

  • Financed and constructed a $260 million, first-of-its-kind plastics renewal facility in Indiana
    Beginning in early 2021, the facility will accept 100,000 tons of plastics each year for conversion into new products – a vastly greater scale than any other facility of its kind in the world.
  • Partnered with 20 dairy farms in six states on renewable natural gas (RNG) projects featuring anaerobic digestion technology
    Once all of these projects are operational, Brightmark’s RNG projects will generate enough renewable natural gas each year to drive 5,100 18-wheeler trucks from San Francisco to New York City.
  • Launched a nationwide search for its next plastics renewal plant sites, with plans to invest $500M to $1B in each location
    The company plans to make its final site selection decisions by the third quarter of 2020 and have at least two sites shovel-ready by 2021, prioritizing key regions in Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and Texas. 

In addition to its new name, Brightmark unveiled a new corporate brand identity, logo, website and domain name: The company’s vision and tagline  — Reimagine Waste — exemplifies its core mission to create a world without waste by scaling forward-thinking solutions to the planet’s waste management challenges. 

For more information about Brightmark and to download recent photos of its projects, visit the company’s new website at


Brightmark is a global waste solutions company with a mission to reimagine waste. The company takes a holistic, closed loop, circular economy approach to tackling the planet’s most pressing environmental challenges with imagination and optimism for the future. Through the deployment of disruptive, breakthrough waste-to-energy solutions focused on plastics renewal (plastic waste-to-fuel) and renewable natural gas (organic waste-to-fuel), Brightmark enables programs specifically tailored to environmental needs in order to build scalable project solutions that have a positive impact on the world and communities in which its stakeholders live and work. For more information, visit

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